Growing plants Unit

Relation to Standards


    We have drawn on the scientific thinking standards outlined by the National Science Standards. These standards provide excellent guidelines for teachers on how to focus science work in their classrooms.

    As a science unit, the "Growing plants" unit addresses the following national science standards:

Science Content Standards (Science as Inquiry)

General goals: "Students should learn science in ways that reflect the inquiry used by scientists to understand the natural world."

K-8 .. Scientific Inquiry

...ask questions for scientific investigations

...plan and conduct a simple investigation

...employ simple equipment to gather data

...use data to construct a reasonable explanation

...communicate investigations and explanations and conduct a scientific investigation

...use appropriate tools

...think critically and logically about the relationships between evidence & explanations

...recognize & analyze alternative explanations & procedures

...communicate scientific procedure & explanations

Life Science - Unifying Concepts and Processes of Science


...Consistency and Change

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