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Essay Exchange Unit

Lesson Four
Response to Essays

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  • Brief Description

        Lesson 4: Response to Essays. Students receive and read electronic reviews of their essays. Responses from reviewers will be used as basis for class discussions and further research. Duration: 2 weeks. Up to Contents of this


    Students will:

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    Materials and Resources Needed
        In developing our lessons and activities, we made some assumptions about the hardware and software that would be available in the classroom for teachers who visit the LETSNet Website. We assume that teachers using our Internet-based lessons or activities have a computer (PC or Macintosh) with the necessary hardware components (mouse, keyboard, and monitor) as well as software (operating system, TCP/IP software, networking or dial-up software, e-mail and a World Wide Web client program, preferably Netscape, but perhaps Mosaic or Lynx). In the section below, we specify any "special" hardware or software requirements for a lesson or activity - over and above those described above - as well as our sense of the Internet access required to do the activity.
    1. Special hardware requirements: None.
    2. Special software requirements: Word processing software and an html editor.
    3. Internet access: Medium-speed (28,000 BPS via modem), or High-speed (greater than 1 MBPS via network) connection.
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    Activity Description

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        The following are a brief list of some sites where you might submit a notification about social science related essay exchange projects.

    Internet Resources

        The following sites are places you can go to learn about making HTML documents.

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