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    We have drawn on the performance expectations created by the National Council for the Social Studies. Their sections on Civic Ideals and Practices and Individuals, Groups and Institutions provide a framework for the Community Web Page Building Unit. We agree with NCSS that:

"An understanding of civic ideals and practices of citizenship is critical to full participation in society and is a central purpose of the social studies. All people have a stake in examining civic ideals and practices across time and in diverse societies as well as at home, and in determining how to close the gap between present practices and the ideals upon which our democratic republic is based. Learners confront such questions as: What is civic participation and how can I be involved? How has the meaning of citizenship evolved? What is the balance between rights and responsibilities? What is the role of the citizen in the community and the nation, and as a member of the world community? How can I make a positive difference?" (NCSS, Civic Ideals and Practices, Expectations of Excellence)

"Institutions such as schools, churches, families, government agencies, and the courts all play an integral role in our lives. These and other institutions exert enormous influence over us, yet institutions are no more than organizational embodiments to further the core social values of those who comprise them. Thus, it is important that students know how institutions are formed, what controls and influences them, how they control and influence individuals and culture, and how institutions can be maintained or changed. The study of individuals, groups, and institutions, drawing upon sociology, anthropology, and other disciplines, prepares students to ask and answer questions such as: What is the role of institutions in this and other societies? How am I influenced by institutions? How do institutions change? What is my role in institutional change? " (NCSS, Individuals, Groups and Institutions, Expectations of Excellence)

    An evaluation of how the Community Web Page Building Unit addresses some of the NCSS performance standards:

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