Electronic Field Trips
Ellis Island Unit

Lesson Four
Immigration Explorations, Part 2

  • Brief Description
  • Objectives
  • Materials and Resources
  • Activity Description
  • Internet Resources

  • Brief Description

        After they've completed their oral histories, students conduct secondary source research using the internet and library resources to learn more about the backgrounds of their family's cultural and ethnic heritages. Students can work together in research groups that have common ethnic/cultural areas. Up to Contents of this Page

        Given internet and library resources students will:

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    Materials and Resources Needed

    1. Internet resources: Our list of resources on immigration, Ellis Island and cultural/ethnic groups (see below), as well as internet and library resources used earlier in the unit.

    2. Hardware requirements: PC or Macintosh and monitor; modem and phone line.

    3. Software requirements: Netscape.
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    Activity Description

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    Internet Resources

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