Electronic Field Trips
Ellis Island Unit

Lesson Six
Final Reports

  • Brief Description
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  • Brief Description

        Students visit a number of sites on immigration that were created by other children. These sites will provide models for students to complete their own research. While students visit the sites they should evaluate the sorts of research students carried out to create their site, how they structured the site, what sort

        Students write up reports, including a summary of their research findings and their historical journal entries, to be shared with friends and families. Students should draw on the criteria developed during their initial explorations to guide the format of their reports. Depending on the resources available, students may publish their reports on the web, produce multi-media reports, or create more traditional paper reports. Up to Contents of this Page

        Given internet sites students will:

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    Materials and Resources Needed

        The following list applies to students publishing their reports on the web or creating multi-media projects.

    1. Internet resources: For publishing students reports on the web-- a server on which to place the students' reports.
    2. Hardware requirements: PC or Macintosh and monitor; modem and phone line.
    3. Software requirements: For publishing students reports on the web use Netscape [http://home.netscape.com/download] and an html editor. For creating mulit-media projects-- multi-media program such as HyperStudio, or HyperCard.
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    Activity Description

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