Electronic Field Trips
Hispanic World Unit

Lesson One
The Hispanic World

  • Brief Description
  • Objectives
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  • Brief Description

        Whole group discuss Spanish-speanking countries in the world. Student develop general knowledge about the location, cultural background of these countries, ancient cultures in Mexico, Central America and Peru, Spanish conquistadors in 16th, the independence, and current development. Up to Contents of this Page

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    Materials & Resources Needed

    1. Hardware requirement: several PCs or Macintoshs with color monitors printer(s), CD-ROM.

    2. Software requirement: Operating system (MacOs, Window, Dos, Windows/95, etc.), application software (ClarisWorks, MS word, etc.), and WWW browsers (Netscape, etc.)

    3. Network/Internet requirement: telephone lines, high-speed modems (14,400 or above), Web browser: Netscape or others.

    4. Library resources: Big world wide map and American map, Children's Encyclopedia, a series of books to introduce sepapatetly these Hispanic countries.
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    Activity Description

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    Internet Resources

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    Library Resources

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