Electronic Field Trips
Hispanic World Unit

Lesson Six
Reflection on the Hispanic World Field Trips

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  • Brief Description

        Students write rapid draft, which includs their general impression about these Spanish-speaking countries and special impression about certain countries. They compare with their first report and the last one to see which part they change most and why. They share their feeling with whole group about these countries associated with learning Spanish, and their expectation for further learning. Up to Contents of this Page

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    Materials and Resources Needed

    1. Hardware requirement: several PCs or Macintoshs with color monitors printer(s), CD-ROM.

    2. Software requirement: Operating system (MacOs, Window, Dos, Windows/95, etc.), application software (ClarisWorks, MS word, etc.), and WWW browsers (Netscape, etc.)

    3. Network/Internet requirement: telephone lines, high-speed modems (14,400 or above), Web browser: Netscape or others.
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    Activity Description

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    Internet Resources

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