Worm Bin Project Unit

Lesson One
Introduction to Worm Bin Project

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  • Brief Description

         Students observe the decomposing process of the food chain. Students observe whether the type of food fed to worms will affect the castings given off during the decomposition process. Note: This is a long-term activity; be prepared to devote a small amount of time to this activity each day or week for roughly two months. Up to Contents of this Page

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    Materials and Resources Needed

    1. 5 worm bins (small containers, usually wooden, but also made from other materials), approximately 5"x5". Drill 6 holes in the bottom of each bin for drainage and odor control.

    2. Worms (usually red wigglers, but other types will work), can be found at sports stores and in vermicomposting catalogs
    3. Garbage--coffee grounds, vegetables, fruits, eggshells--collected by the students.

    4. Bedding, such as shredded newspaper

    5. A catch-all tray for drippings and escaping worms

    6. Black plastic bag to cover bins--provides moisture retention and dark environment that worms prefer

    7. ClarisWorks or other integrative software package that has graphing and word processing capabilities.
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    Activity Description

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