Worm Bin Project Unit

Lesson Three
Growing Plants with Worm Castings

  • Brief Description
  • Objectives
  • Materials and Resources
  • Activity Description

  • Brief Description

        Students test the worm castings for content and use them to grow seeds. Students hypothesize which castings will best sustain seed growth. Students observe growing plants to test their hypotheses. Note: This is a long term activity; be prepared to devote a small amount of time to this activity each day for several months. Up to Contents of this Page

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    Materials and Resources Needed

    1. Flower seeds
    2. 5 plant pots
    3. Plant food and water
    4. Potting soil, enough to fill 5 pots
    5. Soil testing kit or results from 4-H extension office about makeup of worm castings from Lesson 1
    6. Worm castings from Lesson 1
    7. Computer with modem and email software for each collaborative group
    8. ClarisWorks or other integrative software package that has graphing and word processing capabilities.
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    Activity Description

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