What's for Dinner? Unit

Lesson Two
Planning and Shopping for the Menu

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  • Brief Description

        Taking into consideration the number of people they plan to serve and the amount of money they have to work with, students plan their menus in preparation for buying the necessary ingredients at the grocery store. Up to Contents of this Page

        Students will:

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    Materials and Resources

        In developing our lessons and activities, we made some assumptions about the hardware and software that would be available in the classroom for teachers who visit the LETSNet Website. We assume that teachers using our Internet-based lessons or activities have a computer with the necessary hardware components (mouse, keyboard, and monitor) as well as a World Wide Web browser. In the section below, we specify any "special" hardware or software requirements for a lesson or activity (in addition to those described above) and the level of Internet access required to do the activity.

    1. Special hardware requirements: None.
    2. Special software requirements: None.
    3. Classroom materials: Weekly newspaper circulars, coupon sections of the newspaper, and other materials that will help students estimate the cost of their ingredients.
    4. Internet access: A medium-speed or higher connection.
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    Activity Description

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