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Welcome to Michigan State University's ASL Browser web site, an online American Sign Language (ASL) browser where you can look up video of thousands of ASL signs and learn interesting things about them.

This web site was created in 1997 to provide an online sign language resource. The web site contains a sample of the material found on the award winning Personal Communicator CD-ROM developed at Michigan State University. Unfortunately, the CD-ROM is out-of-date and no longer available. Check out Signing Savvy for a similar, but newer, product.

The ASL Browser is dedicated to the memory and work of Dr. David Stewart (1954-2004). David was a top national scholar in Deaf Education, working as a Professor and Coordinator of the Deaf Education Program at Michigan State University, authoring several renowned books on sign language and Deaf education, and working on several interactive media projects including the Personal Communicator, ASL Browser, and Signing Online. His passion for Deaf Education and American Sign Language lives on through his work.

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Web Site Credits:

Comm Tech Lab Director Carrie Heeter directed software development. Brian Winn programmed the web site. Professor David Stewart in the Michigan State University College of Education selected the signs and wrote interesting things about each sign. Kyle Tait and Brian Winn designed the web site. Tim Mallos was responsible for videotaping the signs. Lisa Lockwood was our signer. Kurt Besecker supervised digitizing and processing of the signs.