Ben's Father's Treatment

We wanted to help

Ways we helped him

Massage and touch

He didn't use medication

I played the harp

How music helps

I played the harp

From the very first day they allowed me to have the harp there, so I played all the time I was awake there at the hospital, because other patients on the Oncology Ward said that it helped them. Dad was a little embarrassed at times, but other times he asked me to bring it in to show off to the nurses that would come in. I think he said several times that it made him feel good to hear the music, but he wouldn't say specifically this helped or that helped. Sometimes I would play when he was sleeping in his room. Sometimes I would play when they were treating him and such. I think it helped us as caregivers in terms of sustaining us because I would also play when the other members of the family were helping to care for him.

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