Lou's Barriers

Can one more pill hurt

Not wanting to go to sleep

Medication way too much

Can one more pill hurt

(Mickey - Wife of Lou)

Beacuse he was hurting, and when someone's hurting you want to do anything. If they say give him one pill every four hours and after two hours he's still hurting, so you think, well I've got to him another pill. He's just hurting. Then I thought to myself, well, it's in your hands. If it happens, it happens. But he's hurting, so I've got to do something about it. So I gave him another pill but one more didn't hurt him. And then when she came in I asked her and she said no, one wouldn't hurt him, and told me how to increase and how we have been increasing. If he didn't need a certain medication at a certain time, he didn't get it.

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