Lou's Barriers

Can one more pill hur

tNot wanting to go to sleep

Medication way too much

Medication way too much

(Mickey - Wife of Lou)

I would always ask him how he felt and if he thought he needed something. There were times when he said, I do need it and other times, no I don't need it. But when he started seeing the rabbits in the corner and I used to pretend to go get one. I'd say, it's gone. He'd say you didn't get all of them. So I knew the medication was way too much. He saw bugs on the ceiling. He saw crawling insects and he drove me nuts trying to use a spray that wasn't there so I would clear the air with Lysol and ask if they were gone and yeah, for a while he thought they were gone. Then they'd come back again when the medication got way too much for his little body.

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