Lou's Outcome

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Prayer helped us

Fresh air is good

I'm not afraid of dying

Prayer helped us

(Lou and wife Mickey)

Another thing that has gotten this man through this long is prayer. Well when this came on I said we need prayers. And he's got prayers in Canada. He's got prayers in California. He's got prayers in Pennsylvania. He's got prayers all over the United States from different people that we talk with. Different relatives, different friends. We have friends in Pennsylvania. Had they not been here when he had his surgery and had the people not been around when the doctor came out and gave us the verdict, and that's what it was, a verdict, they would have thought I was a liar because they gave us a short time and here it is, 18 months later and, God bless him, he's still around. Gotta be the prayer and his time hasn't come yet.

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