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My cancer was diagnosed April of '94, it was diagnosed as multiple myeloma, which I haven't quite figured out yet which type that is except that it is inside. It works from inside out, if that makes any sense at all, I guess it does, and they diagnosed it as, at that time it happened to be a type one, so I was able to deal with it fairly well thinking they could have a treatment for it. A doctor did tell me I would have a certain amount of pain and different things from the treatment so I kind of expected that. I'm thinking more I wish I could diagnose and say am I getting more from the cancer or more from the medicines and the different things like that. I'm thinking more, it's hard to know, yes. I think it is easier for them of giving them a more direct answer of how you feel. It's something like the type of questions I can understand like the one through ten scale works well to let them know how I feel, I'm very comfortable with that. They do that a lot of at Sparrow Hospital. They've also done it at Breslin Center.

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