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Changing to a different narcotic

Changing to a different narcotic

Sometimes, you may need to change the way you are taking your narcotic (opioid) pain reliever, or switch to a different narcotic because of side effects. It may be helpful to know the doses of the different medications that give approximately equal pain relief (equianalgesia). The chart below gives such comparisons for people taking the medication on a regular basis.

Oral Dose Injection Dose
Morphine 30mg 10mg
Hydromorphone 7.5mg 1.5mg
Meperidone 300mg 100mg
Oxycodone 30mg -
Hydrocodone 30mg -
Codeine 200mg -

What about fentanyl patches (duragesic)? A 25 mcg patch is approximately equal to 45-135 mg of oral morphine per day.

These numbers serve as a guide but are not "absolutes".

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