Peggy's Husband's Treatment

He had a "PCA"

Duragesic patches

Using an epidural catheter

How an epidural is put in

Specific drugs tried

I made him promise

No alternative methods

Using a pump

Specific drugs tried

He was originally put on morphine and that made him very sick. and so the drug was changed to Dilaudid in the hospital intravenously in that little pump. Then when he was discharged he was put on duragesic patches, which were Fentanyl, those didn't make him ill at all. He ended up with just straight Dilaudid in his little pump. We had a lot of problems with nausea with Jack, not from the drugs he was taking but from the disease itself. The doctors at the pain clinic have a lot of drugs to pick from and they find a combination which works for you as an individual. I call it fine tuning. They fine tune the prescription to the individual so they really have good pain relief.

Additional Medical Information:

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