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Common Brand Names:
Duramorph (for epidural and spinal use)MS Contin and Oramorph SR (long-acting controlled release forms)Kadian (a long-acting sustained release form)MSIR (an instant-release form)
Roxanol (a liquid concentrate) Description:
Morphine is the most widely used narcotic pain relieving drug. Opium is its precursor, derived from the seed capsules of the oriental poppy and used since 6000 BC. Beginning in the 1600s opium was used recreationally and many used it to achieve mind altering states. By the early 1800s, a more potent derivative was available, and morphine became popular as a sleep aid, by the late 1800s heroin, devised by the Bayer Company was promoted as being 25 times more potent that the original opium. Since then, heroin and other related drugs have been abused worldwide--and it is this history of abuse that makes these drugs so difficult to use today, for even the most legitimate reasons. Morphine is available in a variety of forms, making it one of the most versatile drugs for fighting pain. Most doctors prefer to prescribe it in pill or liquid form, since the oral form is most easily adjusted for each patient, but it is also available for injection, and as rectal suppositories.

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