Peggy's Husband's Treatment

He had a "PCA"

Duragesic patches

Using an epidural catheter

How an epidural is put in

Specific drugs tried

I made him promise

No alternative methods

Using a pump

Using a pump

The administration of the epidural was through a continuous pump. This little fanny pack had a little pump on it and if his pain increased, he could bolus himself, which means he could push a button and a certain prescribed amount of drug would be given in addition. What we found was that he was very level then all of a sudden, it seemed like he would have to bolus himself four or five times a day. That was a trigger to us that his drug needed to be increased and it was a matter of a telephone call to the doctor. Then the doctor calling the infusionist, and then I would call the infusionist, and she would direct me on what buttons to push on the pump. There's two types of increase. Increase in volume or increase in the strength of the drug itself. And it was all done by telephone.

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