Peggy's Husband's Treatment

He had a "PCA"

Duragesic patches

Using an epidural catheter

How an epidural is put in

Specific drugs tried

I made him promise

No alternative methods

Using a pump

Using an epidural catheter

Because he was such a zombie and sleeping so much, that's when the pain physician decided to put in an epidural catheter with pain medication that was pumped and was delivered with a little pump strapped around his abdomen. The beauty of this type of anesthesia is that ten times less of the medication is used. The patient ends up having a clear head and still having pain control. The amount of drug took some regulating. And as his pain increased the amount of drug he got increased. And he had a little button on the pump which allowed him to administer more to himself when he needed it. When he administered more than five times a day it was a signal to me to get an order in an increase in his medication.

Additional Medical Information:

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