Microbes in the News


Ancient Microbes in Vast Under-ice Antarctic Lake ?
"Antarctic 'dream': Lake below ice," Los Angeles Times, June 23, 1996

Robot seeks Martian microbes' cousins
"Scientists Scour Bottom of Ancient Lake for Clues to Life on Mars," Associated Press, Sep. 6, 1995.

Bacterium revived from 25 million year sleep
"Scientists Revive Very Old Bacteria Entombed In Extinct Bee," Associated Press, May 18, 1995.

Early life forms could take the heat
"Clues to Fiery Origin of Life Sought in Hothouse Microbes," The New York Times, May 9, 1995.

Primordial microbes still exist
"Triumph of the Archaea," Discover, February 1995.

Prehistoric ants cultivated fungus
"Ancient fungal farmers," Science News, Dec. 24, 1994.

Billion-year-old land-dwellers found
"Fossils Hint Land Life Began in Far Earlier Era," The New York Times, Feb 22, 1994.

The puzzle of life's origin
"Where Did Life Begin?," Time, Oct. 11, 1993.

Ancient microbes preserved in amber
"Early Creatures Are Found Intact," The New York Times, Jan 8, 1993.