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Microbial Ecology Resources: Internet Services

Title: Protist Image Database
Author: O'Kelly, Charles J. and Tim Littlejohn.
Media Type: Internet Service

Description: "Protist Image Data provides pictures and short descriptions of selected protist genera, especially those genera whose species are frequently used as experimental organisms or are important in studies of organismal evolution. Our intent is to provide up-to-date online information on the morphology, taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships of these organisms. " ~ by the authors

World-Wide Web URL: http://megasun.bch.umontreal.ca/protists/protists.html
E-mail: okellyc@bch.umontreal.ca tim@bch.umontreal.ca
Audience: College, High School
Date Published: 1994
Organelle Genome Megasequencing Project Department of Biochemistry University of Montreal C.P. 6128, Succursale Centre-Ville Montreal, Quebec H3C 3J7 Canada

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