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Microbial Ecology Resources: Software

Microbial Ecology Resources: Software

Title: Biota: A tool for simulations of species interactions in diverse environments
Author: Danbury, Jim; Ben Jones; John Kruper; Eric Nelson; William Sterner; Jeff Schank; Jim Lichtenstein; Joyce Weil; and William Wimsatt (University of Chicago)
Media Type: Software

Description: Part of microbial ecology is the understanding the dynamics of microbe populations. "'Biota' is a rich system for modeling and simulating population dynamics. It supports the study of multiple species in diverse environments with migration between regions and multiple species interactions. An integrated set of 'field tools' is also provided so that pre-authored models can be used as 'black box' problems for simulated filed studies." ~ by the authors

E-mail: asdg@umdd.umd.edu
Audience: Students
Date Published: 1994
Publisher: The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium
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