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Microbial Ecology Resources: Software

Microbial Ecology Resources: Software

Title: Evolve
Author: Price, Frank and Virginia Vaughan
Media Type: Software

Description: Evolution is one of the topics explored in microbial ecology. This is a program designed to simulate evolution. "'Evolve' is a simulation laboratory that allows students to experiment with evolution and population genetics. Students can investigate a variety of self-posed questions involving Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, selection, genetic drift, and gene flow, singly and in combination, to gain an understanding of evolutionary processes and interactions."

E-mail: asdg@umdd.umd.edu
Audience: Students
Date Published: 1994
Publisher: The ePress Project
Academic Software Development Group ; Computer Science Center , Building 224 ; University of Maryland ; College Park , MD 20742

Phone: 301-405-7600
Fax: 301-314-9220
Cost: $99
Computer System Requirements: Apple Macintosh with 2.5 Mbytes RAM (in System 6.0.5) or 4 Mbytes RAM (with system 7). CD-ROM drive.