Reaching Closure

Even as you near the end of life’s journey you may feel you have tasks that you still want to complete. Carrying those tasks to closure can bring healing to the spirit and peace to a troubled mind.

This might be a time to think about what’s left for you to do and to consider what you do not want to leave undone. It may be as simple as saying goodbye or as complicated as healing a rift with someone you love. But whether you are struggling with questions of ultimate meaning or trying to create a legacy that will live on after you, you have an opportunity now to set important goals and to achieve them.

Although it may not seem so at first, this can be a time of great personal growth. By taking stock of where you’ve been and charting a course for where you’re heading, you might discover something new about yourself. That process of self-discovery can help bring completion to your life.

Sometimes, though, people put off doing the things that will help them reach closure. They think that doing so would bring death nearer or feel too much like giving up. But when you put off the tasks of completion, what you really give up is a chance to find peace and fulfillment that is unique to this time of your life. There is help available when the tasks become difficult. It may come from someone close to you. Or you might call on a professional to guide you through the tough emotional issues you are facing. If you seek professional help don’t look at it as a sign of weakness. Think of it instead as a sign of your commitment to doing the work of closure.



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