Reluctance to report pain

Concerns about "being good"

Cultural issues

Belief that suffering is deserved

Reluctance to report pain

Most cancer pain can be controlled. But sometimes people are reluctant to tell doctors and nurses about their pain. Maybe you've shared that reluctance because you've had one of the following concerns:

that you'll appear to be complaining or uncooperativethat treating the pain will distract your doctor from treating the cancerthat the pain means the cancer is getting worseyou'll run out of pain relief options if you begin treating pain "too early"

These are very understandable concerns but they should not keep you from seeking pain relief. Remember that pain has many negative effects on your body. By interfering with your ability to rest and sleep, pain weakens your body and its defenses. It lowers your resistance to other diseases and infections, and it diminishes your quality of life. So good pain treatment is really essential to your health.

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