Sarah's Mother's Barriers

Wanting to cut back

Dependency vs. addiction

She hid the pain

We all had agendas

She had a best friend

"Let it go"

She hid the pain

It was so hard for her, not only to depend on us, but for us to see her in that light. She would not be honest with us about her pain. She would say to me, the pain's not that bad. Well then she would go to the doctor and the doctor would raise her pain medication and I would become angry. I thought, oh, well they are just trying to dope her up or they're giving her too much. Well the fact of the matter was, she was in pain and she just wasn't telling me. She didn't want us to know how bad it was. I wish I had the insight into it. I wish someone hadbrought me aside sooner and said, listen, your mother really is in pain. She is not telling you.

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