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We all had agendas

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We all had agendas

We have a really high functioning family, I mean really caring about each other. Yet, when this happened, it really ripped our family apart. The more stress that comes along, themore your agenda becomes huge. My dad's agenda was he thought my mom needed to walk and if she was just out mall walking, that somehow the cancer would go away and she'd be fine. So he came by every day and would get my mom "JoEllen, ou gotta walk," and get her up. Poor thing. She went along with it, you know. I don't know why she didn't just tell him to go jump in a lake. I think it kept her spirits up. We all had a way we thought she could get better. Just push, push, push. For me, I thought it was medical treatment. If she got the right medical treatment, she'd get better. I would bring her over my literature searches and she would act like she was interested when she really wasn't. I think she spent a lot of her last days appeasing people, rather than just telling us, listen, this is ridiculous. You guys just need to get a clue and accept the facts.

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