Sarah's Mother's Barriers

Wanting to cut back

Dependency vs. addiction

She hid the pain

We all had agendas

She had a best friend

"Let it go"

"Let it go"

My mother and I fought more and more and more, the sicker she got. On one side I was so angry at her because she was acting like a baby and she was being such a mean crabby person. At the same time I was angry at myself because I couldn't believe that I was getting mad at my mom, knowing that she had cancer. Finally it was my grandmother took me aside. I remember what she said. She said, I know Sarah, you and your mother are not getting along, but you need to realize that her time is limited. Whenever you get angry and you want to speak your mind to her, she said, just let it go. I remember she said it about five times. Let it go and I used that probably fifty times in the next month. I bit my lip so many times. I'm glad I did.

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