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Went with my instincts

I expected some pain

Stress over money

Crutches for ten months

I wish they'd explained

Went with my instincts

There were certain times when I was in the hospital that I remember wanting a pain pill really badly but they're like yeah, we just gave you one. I'd never spent much time in a hospital like I'd said, so I didn't know what was appropriate to say and what was appropriate not to say. I just kind of went with my instincts and if the pain become too unbearable I rang for a nurse. If I thought I could bear it for a while I would just wait pretty much. I just played it by my own instincts. But, I mean, looking back now I think they were as understanding about it as they could have been. I am just one patient. They probably have several that go through there a day wanting pain pills or whatever.

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