Jeff's Barriers

Went with my instincts

I expected some painS

tress over money

Crutches for ten months

I wish they'd explained

I wish they'd explained

I just wish when I was in the hospital somebody had explained to me I'm allowed to feel pain and, you know, explain what I'm supposed to do if it hurts and if there is anything else I can do besides just ring for another pill. If I can't have a pill, what else can I do? What sort of alternate methods are there? Because what I'm hearing is that you don't have to feel pain, but I know I felt a lot of pain. I just wish there had been somebody there to explain to me what the pain was all about and where exactly it was coming from and what I can do to get rid of it. The attitude I had in the hospital was I was trying to be strong, so maybe they weren't getting the idea that I was going through as much pain as I was.

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