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Crutches for ten months

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Crutches for ten months

I had a lot of complications. A week after that surgery I fell and it broke right at the top of the implant but the doctors said that would help it heal because it would induce bone growth. So I would say I was on crutches for about four or five months after the surgery. Most people are on it for about six weeks. When I came to college it just became a part of me pretty much. Oh, look there goes Jeff with the crutches. Four months later I'm off crutches and they are like, we didn't recognize you without your crutches. After I was done with the first four months I was going down the stairs and tripped and it broke again in the same spot and then they were afraid that it would keep breaking so that is when they did the bone grafting. Took bone out of my hip and put it in there to strengthen it and then that was the infection so I was on crutches probably for a total of like ten months. It was just kind of like a cruel joke almost.

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