Jeff's Barriers

Went with my instincts

I expected some pain

Stress over money

Crutches for ten months

I wish they'd explained

Stress over money

When I was going through this it was just my mother and I. We lived in a small apartment and she was working one job. So we weren't rich people by any means. You could probably say we were poor so when this cancer came up it really struck a blow to us. It is like, whoa, what do we do now. Actually I had to have a follow-up surgery to that. They did bone grafting and then that got infected because they used stitches that I was allergic to so I had to go through the whole thing again. When I had the second surgery we wouldn't have been able to pay for it cause I was turning, I think, 19. And so I had to have the surgery done a week before my birthday so that I would still be on my mother's insurance. You know, I was able to get everything I needed so I wouldn't say money was a big barrier but it did add a little more stress to my recovery. Just thinking, can my mother really afford me.

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