Ben's Father's Assessment

Cancer in my family

Stoic about pain

We avoided medication

My father's pain

A crusty old character

Cancer changed him

The cancer returned

My father's pain

I would say he'd had chronic pain for quite some time, but had been able to manage it. Like for me I use mental technique. Probably he used something similar. The pain became critical for him, in terms of putting him in the hospital, after he had had a particular meal, which was a high fatty meal. A duct in his liver got closed off and caused a lot of uncomfort. We ended up rushing him to the hospital. He was probably in pain from there on. And there were periods that sometimes would be greater and sometimes would be less. I think he said it centered near his kidneys, but it was actually his liver and the pain radiated from that point. Just a real severe ache.

Additional Medical Information:

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