Catherine's Treatment

The morphine eased the pain

Having an epidural

The epidural had complications

I should have tried more meds

Epidural steroids eased the pain

Side effects of epidural

Not sure epidural was a good idea

The epidural had complications

I'd like to know if they have this same problem I'm having or what did they do about it, I'm going to go back to that pain clinic I think. I've been so disgusted that I just haven't felt like talking to anybody down there or anything about this particular thing. My doctor told me this is pain from the epidural. It's not from the chemo. This is from the chemo, my hands and my feet. This pain from the epidermal goes all around towards my back. My sister will rub my back for me and everything and it feels like she should be rubbing me way out here, this is what it feels like, I'm out this far or something. Of course I've lost a lot of weight so there's a lot of bones, but other than that she doesn't feel anything different.

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