Catherine's Treatment

The morphine eased the pain

Having an epidural

The epidural had complications

I should have tried more meds

Epidural steroids eased the pain

Side effects of epidural

Not sure epidural was a good idea

Side effects of epidural

Well I had the first epidermal shot on March 28 of '96. I had my second epidermal on the 4th of April. On the 11th of April I had another steroid shot. And as I say when I had this last shot, say, I had this and that is when I said to that doctor, how long does that numbness and tingling last? He said I really don't know. On the 11th of April I had the last one of those, that was three of them. Then I started on chemo. On May 1st I had my first chemo treatment. 11th of April to the 1st of May and then I went and got the chemo, decided on the chemo.

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