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My son-in-law researched

Why not in Florida?

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My son-in-law researched

I have a son-in-law, he is a cardiologist who researched with his oncologist at his hospital where to go. He had called other thoracic surgeons in my city. He had called them, made appointments, he flew down to Florida. We went down and there wasn't one surgeon who had had the experience to do the kind of surgery that was necessary to save my life. And he found the surgeon who was actually recommended by the oncologist at his hospital. My son-in-law called him, made arrangements to take me to New York. And we flew off within two days. The doctor saw me the next day, this was Thursday. He will operate on me on Monday. Of course, the anger in me that I had to go out of state and that my insurance didn't cover it and I was putting such a terrible burden on my husband at this time.

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