Jessie's Assessment

Nurses Training

I thought I had an ulcer

Several kinds of cancer

How I started painting

The pain was terrible

Several kinds of cancer

They had given me every kind of examination before that, but they never found out it was colon cancer until I hemorrhaged. I hemorrhaged. They did a beautiful job of surgery. I was good for 10 years after that, '82 to '94. I had no problems whatsoever with anything. Maybe I got a cold once in a while, but I don't even remember that. Then all of a sudden I got sick again. This time I had cancer of the spine. I had lung cancer. I had bone cancer. And my doctor thought that I wouldn't make it through Christmas. That was in '95. Now, it's '96 and I'm feeling very good. I'm sore, but I'm not in pain because they turned me over to Hospice.

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