Raymond's Assessment

Retired from Chrysler

I thought it was sinus

They took nine samples

It was a small cell cancer

Describing the pain

Cancer in my family

I thought it was sinus

About six months prior to knowing I had cancer, I said doctor "I got a pain here and then one in the back here." Then it would be in my nose and up above in my eye. I attributed it to sinus because I do have a sinus problem. He gave some pills. That Sunday morning I got up and I made the coffee and was making toast. I had a cough, like a cough of phlegm. I spit and there was a bit of blood. So we went to see the doctor Monday. He said "I just got through taking x-rays of you," and I said, "Doctor, you've never taken an x-ray of me." He had mine mixed up with my son's. And so then he had me go to Oakland Hospital. I went through the bone scan and the MRI. So he referred me to Harper Hospital. I went through all the tests all over again there because they had to find out definitely.

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