Raymond's Assessment

Retired from Chrysler

I thought it was sinus

They took nine samples

It was a small cell cancer

Describing the pain

Cancer in my family

They took nine samples

He took nine samples of my cancer in the lung. He says "Open your mouth," and gave me a couple squirts, and oh my God. I said the dentists would go nuts for this. It numbs it right away. He walks around there and he's got needles that long, no, longer than that, about like that. I thought, he's not going to stick that in my arm, is he? They stop the IV and put it in a tube. I thought, oh my God, I didn't want to look at him but I had to keep sneaking a look to see what the guy was gonna do. Then he asked how I was feeling. I said I imagine I'm about a hair away from la-la-land, which I was.

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