Have your eating habits changed since becoming pregnant?

I eat meat very moderately now. I began paying more attention to the amount of fat in my diet and to how much fruits and vegetables I was eating. I noticed over a period of time I just felt so much better when I was really conscious about what I was eating. I'm pregnant and it's been so much more of a concern to me knowing what I'm eating now can very well affect the health of my baby for the whole lifetime of that baby. I try to be very careful.


How important is breakfast?

Breakfast is my favorite meal. It is one meal my husband and I always have together no matter what comes up. I tend to eat a lot of grains, usually cereal and lots of fruit. I'll have fruit juice plus some kind of serving of regular fruit. I especially like grapefruit, kiwi fruit and strawberries. It doesn't require a lot of preparation. I try to bring my lunch with me to work as much as possible. Usually it is left-over from the night before. I tend to eat lots of pasta, stir fries and things like that for dinner.


Do the types of food you eat effect your energy?

I notice when I eat a lot of fried foods or a lot of fatty meat I feel very sluggish and I don't feel very good. When I eat lots of fruits and vegetables I feel like I have more energy. I just feel better.


How can you eat more vegetables and fruits?


I find I'll eat more vegetables if I prepare them ahead of time. I like to eat raw vegetables a lot. I peel some carrots and slice them up or make some celery sticks and store them in the refrigerator. They're as easy to grab as it is to grab some chips so I'll eat a lot more of them. My favorite fruits tend to be citrus fruits. I really like grapefruits and oranges; I also like kiwi fruit and berries. Just about any kind of berry you can image I really enjoy. I love corn, artichokes, asparagus and green beans. Things I grow myself in my garden are especially delicious.


Are you concerned about fat in your diet?

I find it's better not so much to avoid eating fat as it is to fill my diet with other things I know don't have a lot of fat in them. I feel like I know food fairly well but my intuition doesn't always serve me right about what I think is going to be a relatively low-fat food. When I'm in the grocery store, I read labels a lot. If I'm in restaurants or out where I don't have that option, I avoid fried food or food I know is prepared with lard or oil. I try to eat more grains, fruits and vegetables.


Can you eat out and get foods that are good for you?

We are trying to make wiser choices as far as where we eat. We have a tendency to eat at places like buffets or where they sell sandwiches rather than places with fried foods.