What are your favorite fruits?

My favorite fruits are not in the country. They are a little yellow fruit that looks like an apple. It has a lot of little seeds. It has the most fragrant aroma and is delicious. I love all tropical fruits. I love pineapples, mangos, papayas, and kiwi. I like bananas, oranges, and apples, too.


What vegetables do your family eat?

My favorite vegetable is broccoli. We like broccoli a lot. We also like carrots. My husband and I like zucchini. The children are not too crazy about it but I find ways to get them to eat it. We make things with zucchini and they don't even know it.


How do you hide zucchini in the foods you prepare?

How do I hide zucchini? I don't know that I hide it. I make pancakes. I put them in casseroles and I make a spaghetti sauce and I put zucchini in it, put it right in the blender with the sauce. Some other ways I do it.


Are you concerned about fat in your diet?

I'm not especially concerned about fat. I learned to gauge the fat that goes into our family by what I bring home from the grocery store. Three years ago it wasn't unusual to run out of a package a butter a week and the cooking oil was going even faster. Now it takes a month and a half or more to go through a pound of butter. I only buy the small bottle of cooking oil. That will last me a whole month. I trim all the fat off meat. I have cut way down on the fat. The one thing I'm concerned about and would really like to change is to make sure I drink more water. I notice when I drink a lot of water I feel more alert. I feel like my body functions better. It just makes you feel good.


What about hidden fat?

Hidden fat? Things like hotdogs? I have become very aware of how much of that I buy. We used to have a lot of kids in the house all the time. Making a hotdog for lunch was just an easy thing to do. If they're not in the house then I don't have to worry about them. Other hidden fats will are in things like peanut butter. I tend to be a peanut butter lover sometimes. I get cravings and I do eat it. I try to be aware of it so that it doesn't become an everyday thing. Salad dressings can have a lot of fat. Instead of dressing, I've been using salsa quite a bit for a lot of my green salads. You ought to try it. It is quite good. You can do a lot of variations with salsa. The sky's the limit. It is not only for green salads. You put it on macaroni. Then put in a little bit of veggies, lightly steamed and cooled. Put a hard boiled egg on top and then pour some salsa on top of the whole thing and some peas. Oh, is it good. Make a good light lunch and it's tasty. Very tasty.