Lou's Assessment

Pain is off and on

Accepting death

Home after surgery

First talk about dying

Radiation went well

Intense pain gave Lou no hope

First hospice visit

First talk about dying

(Lou and his wife Mickey)

January of '95, after they did the surgery they gave him three weeks to three months. As a matter of fact, they said that they didn't expect him to leave the hospital. When he came home from the hospital, he went to bed and waited to die. We didn't talk about it a lot, but we knew it was there. Then after a while we decided we better talk because there was a lot of things we had to clear up, so we sat at the edge of the bed one day and we just started talking. One time, he said Mick, this is it, I'm not going to be here tomorrow. I said, Lou, we're born to die. We know that we're all going to go sometime, but we don't know when and it's just as well that we don't. But he keeps telling me he's going and I tell him bye and he's not gone. But I don't, do I? Tomorrow.

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