Lou's Assessment

Pain is off and on

Accepting death

Home after surgery

First talk about dying

Radiation went well

Intense pain gave Lou no hope

First hospice visit

Lou's Assessment

Lou was 80 when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The tumor was growing so close to his spine that there was concern he might become paralyzed. Although Lou's surgery was successful and he was able to enjoy some of his favorite activities like fishing, he was told he had only three weeks to three months to live.

(Lou and wife Mickey)

Whatever they're doing, it's working. It's working for him because he can get up and go outside and walk around the house. He can go fishing. He can tell me he wants to go for a ride, which we do. We go for a lot of rides. Just to get out of the house. Just to get out of that room. I hate for him to sit in that room for 24 hours a day, which he was doing four, five months ago.

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