Peggy's Husband's Assessment

My husband's pain control

A week and a half

10 weeks of intense pain

Sharp chest pain

Active to the end

His biggest fear

10 weeks of intense pain

My husband was a Class A personality. He didn't have time to go to a doctor. Finally, he felt sick enough that he just had to go. We thought back- when did he get sick, when did he get sick? It is evident he had been sick a while, yet things were so vague. The metastasis to the lung was the time the diagnosis was made. His primary cancer was in the kidney with a lot of metastisis to the lung. The lung problems were the real problem. It was just horrible. Every day the news was worse, and worse, and worse. He ended up with a malignancy throughout everything.He died ten weeks later, so it went very fast and he had very intense pain.

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