Sandra's Outcome

I wasn't assertive

I fear lymphedema

I mourned early menopause

Better and better

I was lucky

I fear lymphedema

I live in constant fear of developing lymphedema. They say that it affects only three percent of women. People I know who have developed lymphoedema usually get it because they have injured their arm at the site of their surgery. It has affected my life. There is a fear. I don't want to have this elephantiasis. I don't want to have to worry about getting an infection. And I'm never going to be able to just cut myself on that arm and not worry. One time I had a zit on my arm and without thinking I popped it. I thought, oh my God, what did I just do. The next day it was a little red and I panicked. I'm running to the nurse and asked "Hey, does this look all right to you?" Yeah, it's affected my life.

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