Sarah's Mother's Assessment

How the pain felt

I was a medical student

Thought it was pneumonia

It was mesothelioma

Surgery was one option

She had to decide

They made no promises

How the pain felt

As her cancer progressed and as the cancer started infiltrating and invading her chest cavity, as well as her lungs, she started having, what the doctors call, chest wall pain. That, I think, was more of a sharper pain. It was very intense pain. She could tell right where it was. It was on her right side. She could point exactly where it was. It was more of a constricting pain. It also affected her skin. She could feel it on the outside, too, inside and outside. She would often would say her skin felt like hamburger. It made her feel a lot better to have someone rub lotion on her skin or have clothes that fit really loosely or to not have covers tightly over her skin. She described that as a very heavy pain, almost a suffocating pain or a drowning pain. It made her feel really tired and run down. It was very dull and generalized.

Additional Medical Information:

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