Sarah's Mother's Assessment

How the pain felt

I was a medical student

Thought it was pneumonia

It was mesothelioma

Surgery was one option

She had to decide

They made no promises

They made no promises

The doctors were very tentative about making promises. They had said this may extend your life. You could live a number of years. Numbers were not discussed a lot. My mom liked to bring up numbers. She wanted to know and she wanted to be very optimistic. But I think in that business I think the doctors didn't want to give her numbers. I think at first they did not want to give her false hope. They also didn't want to discourage her. According to the studies, extrapleural pneumonectomy was the only thing that had been shown to give anyone any extension of life. Her doctor told us there was one guy who had lived eight years. My mom was determined. She said I'll live eight years, I'll live ten. I think she was terrified because she knew it was going to be a hard thing. But I think she felt it was the only option for her because she was a fighter. She couldn't just lay down and die.

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