Do red heads have to be careful about the sun?

I'm the only one in my family who does not have red hair. I have a mother and two sisters and two nephews who all have red hair. I have two great nephews who have red hair. We were taught at a very young age not to go out in the middle of the day and to wear long sleeves. It seems natural to me to do that. In the summertime, I arrange to do outside activities in the morning and evening. We might go to the library in the afternoon or have quiet time in the house. We do inside activities in the middle of the day. That is the way I was raised, so it isn't an issue for me. I do find, however, if I go somewhere with my sisters, they will burn a lot quicker than I will. I get teased by the minister sometimes because I'm always wearing these pretty wild hats to church. I have to buy some new ones to keep him on his toes.


Are you concerned with changes in a birthmark?

Several years ago I was doing some substitute work for a sheltered workshop for handicapped adults. I didn't know they were working on the roof that day. They moved everybody outside for activities all day. I didn't come prepared for that. There was not a lot of protection such as trees or shade or anything. I got burned that day and the birthmark on my back changed colors. I went to the doctor and part of it was removed. It was fine, however. So now my birthmark is a different shape. I keep an eye on it because of the possibility of skin cancer. There is a history of cancer in my family even though none of us smoke.